FAQs: About Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Can I convert my bagless vacuum cleaner to a bagged vacuum cleaner?

Practically, it is not possible to convert your bagless vacuum cleaner to a bagged vacuum cleaner. This is because the bag requires to be secured safely on the vacuum cleaner but the bagless vacuum cleaners do not have that provision. It is however advisable to replace the dust bin with a larger one to increase the duct holding capacity of your bagless handheld vacuum cleaner

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Why is my handheld vacuum cleaner not starting after use?

If your vacuum cleaner won’t work, there must be a resolvable problem somewhere. There are several problems that could be causing this:

  1. You may have overworked your vac in your recent vacuuming session making it to overheat and stall. This problem is easy to resolve. you just need to let your vacuum cleaner to cool down before starting it
  2. Your power source may be the problem. Confirm that your socket is still live. If there is no power to run your vacuum cleaner, it cannot work.
  3. Your battery may have discharged. For the cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, batteriesdischarge within a period of 20-45 minutes. If your vacuum cleaner does not start. May be it’s because your battery needs a recharge.
  4. Though this is not common, your hand held vacuum cleaner may have been destroyed by a power surge. This causes some fuses to explode thus breaking the circuit that facilitates the function of your vacuum cleaner. You may need to take it to a qualified electrician for a checkup and repair if necessary.

How do I replace the brushes of my handheld vacuum cleaner?

Just like your old toothbrush requires to be replaced so does handheld vacuum cleaner. Once you notice that the brush bristles are curing upwards it is advisable that you purchase new ones and replace the old worn-out brushes. Some manuals come with clear instructions on how to go about changing the brushes. A screw driver or a spanner may be required but of you are not comfortable doing the job yourself. You can bring your hand held vacuum cleaner to the store and the technician will assist you.

How do I extend the chord of my Hand held vacuum cleaner?

Corded handheld vacuum cleaners may have their chords extended temporarily.  An extension cable may be purchased over the counter in an electronics store. However, it is important to match the sockets with the plug provided with your hand held vacuum cleaner. A standard power extension cable may be used but if you need the cable to be longer than that, you can ask an electrician to customize an extension cable for you. This will serve you equally well.

Is it advisable to collect metal pieces with my handheld vacuum cleaner?

The answer is no. it is not advisable to pick metallic pieces with your vacuum cleaner because of the following reasons:

Vacuum cleaners have a magnet: a vacuum cleaner has a motor. Motors use magnetic technology to operate. Metallic objects May be attracted to the motor and may cause your hand held vacuum cleaner to jam

Metal is abrasive. since metal is tough and rigid, sucking it up in your vacuum cleaner may scratch its interiors, teat the  dust bag or even block the fans thus blocking your hand held vacuum cleaner

Which is the best multi floor handheld vacuum cleaner?

There are many good quality and efficient multi floor hand held vacuum cleaners in the market.  However, many reviews indicate that the most trusted of them all is the Dyson DC34 Multi floor handheld vacuum cleaner.

Can I use my handheld held vacuum cleaner to clean my college room?

It is not advisable to use a hand held vacuum cleaner to clean an entire room.  Hand held vacuum cleaners are designed for localized cleaning and for cleaning small areas. If you were to use it to clean an entire room, you will be overworking it. Overworking your vacuum cleaner exposes it to overheating and it may break down very easily

For entire floor cleaning I recommend that you invest in a small or medium sized canister Multifloor vacuum cleaner. You may not need one with so many attachments because I am guessing your room does not have stairs

 You can get one at a fair price and that along with your handheld vacuum cleaner will do a great vacuuming job for you.

How do I make my cordless vacuum cleaner more effective?

I understand that your main concern is to make your cordless   hand held vacuum cleaner serve you for a longer time. I advise that you invest in extra batteries. If you have one or more extra batteries that are fully charged you will use them as soon as one runs out of charge. Thisguarantees you a continuous supply of power and you are able to work for longer.

Do we havespare parts for had held vacuum cleaners?

We have spare parts for had held vacuum cleaners. These are available in electronics stores and spare parts stores. To determine what spare part requires be replaced, consult an electronics specialist. You can also contact your model customer support.

It is important for you to understand, however that sometimes your handheld vacuum clean may be too damaged that buying a new vacuum cleaner would be much easier than having your damaged one repaired. Click Here to see the best hand vacuum in 2015


Make Your Home Much More Comfortable With the Help of A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

We all live in our home with our family and love to see it cozy and clean. For keeping our home clean and cozy we need to keep it dust free and for this purpose the best things is using a vacuum cleaner. Now the full sized cleaners are not good enough for taking from one to another and hence, most of the people are nowadays using handheld vacuum cleaner (Let’s see handheld vacuum reviews), so that they keep their home clean.

Great addition for cleaning

A portable vacuum cleaner can be an incredible expansion to your regular, corded vacuum cleaner. You can utilize it as a go down in those circumstances where there is no requirement for a consistent vacuum cleaner or in those spots where a corded vacuum can’t go.

With the assistance of a portable vacuum, you can rapidly handle some little employments without expecting to get your normal vacuum out. It can end up being a truly helpful and adaptable instrument! It can be valuable, case in point, for getting some little garbage and earth off the covered stairs, a spot where utilizing a regular vacuum is an errand in itself.

Easy for fast clean ups

Portable vacuum cleaners are perfect for brisk cleanups. They’re most convenient when there is a sudden spill or a stain. They are the most helpful device for rapidly getting the scraps that the children drop on the floor, dust bunnies, or the dust from some little DIY venture.

They can get into any alcove and-crevice that is difficult to reach with the regular vacuum cleaner. That makes them perfect to use in spaces, for example, inside your auto or vessel when cleaning, sparing you from needing to run electric links outside. In those and comparative circumstances, utilizing a portable cleaner is much more secure than moving the substantial vacuum on the stairs.

Advantages of portable vacuum cleaners

These sorts of vacuums are lightweight, little and convenient, normally cordless apparatuses. As you get a suction control with them, you can use them accordingly, more suction power where the dust is more and on little spills, less suction power.

The cordless models have a rechargeable battery and can run for around thirty minutes without must be revived once more. In the event that you’ll have to run your cleaner for more than that, think about purchasing as a corded model. In the same vein, purchase a model with changing velocity levels in the event that you want to utilize it for more errands. Most will just have one control – the force switch.

They will generally accompany a few attachments and embellishments, in the same way as a whole device and cleaning brush, or short hoses that help you reach under the furniture. A few models have rotational brushes that are incredible for getting pet hair. These days, most portable vacuum cleaners likewise accompany a “wet” and “dry” work, so you can get soil as well as fluids as well.

Thus, with the help of Portable vacuum cleaners it would be very easy for you to manage your home and keep it clean and clear.